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's newest casino hitting the jackpot when it comes to revenue. maryland live! took in more than $28 million and paid $19 million in state taxes which is considered a huge boost for the program. >> with maryland live! opening, perryville was down and that was anticipated. because of the excitement and the intensity and around the maryland live! opening. >> the governor and house speaker met privately yesterday for a special session. consent this was not reached. coming up, the presidential candidates are celebrating the fourth of july. if you are still planning a trip to the growth restorer, we have the latest. >> six families are staying in temporary housing after this three alarm fire displaced them from their homes. the fire began in the garage and took about 90 minutes until firefighters brought it under control. no injuries were reported. presidential candidates are celebrating independence day. the president and first lady will host military families for a celebration including a barbecue and a concert on the white house lawn. still to come at noon, firing up the grill today. we have t
sarah caldwell. our big story, the u.s. supreme court blocks a ruling by maryland's highest court. the decision will have a huge impact on the way police officers conduct investigations. jennifer has details on the ongoing court battle over the dna testing. >> for now, law enforcement are considering this a victory. >> in april, the maryland court of appeals ruled police could no longer collect dna samples from suspects after an arrest without a warrant. but now a supreme court chief justice has reversed that ruling, at least temporarily. a baltimore defense attorney explains it is a victory for maryland law enforcement. >> it means they're free to collect dna upon arrest. >> the change was sparked by the state's request for the supreme court to look at a case where a man was convicted on a 2003 rate based on dna evidence taken after his arrest in 2010. the court of appeals root -- ruled that his fourth amendment rights had been violated. >> it wasn't a we had a chance to take a look at this, we're going to put the brakes on the maryland court of appeals decision. >> the order all
in-state tuition as long as their parents pay maryland taxes. umbc president believes that it would benefit maryland, but mcdonough believes it would be a bad move. >> it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars in three or four years and we don't have that money. no. 2, they will displace the lives of young people by taking slots they don't deserve because they are here illegally. >> the dream act will appear on ballots in november so voters can decide on the issue. artscape is officially underway bit more than 300,000 people are expected in baltimore this week and for america's largest free arts festival. rob roblin is in the thick of it at the arts and entertainment district with an update on all of the excitement. what is going on down there? >> you can smell the food already. artists have been setting up all morning. the audio was working real well on the stage right here. artscape is here. the 31st artscape. it started out with a few artists and vendors, and now 150 vendors and artists, bigger and better than before. >> we are expanding in all that farther up charles street
will move it along towards maryland's most powerful radar because take a look. a cold front we are tracking and that's going to bring gusty storms across the area. we will track that for you a and show you latest and greatest coming up in a little bit. check on traffic lauren is in the traffic center. hey. >> reporter: hi. it's going to be a scorcher. water main break is causing big problems in downtown. light street is shut down between redwood street and lombard street and you are looking at repairs underway. leave yourself extra time. and this traffic pattern this closure is going to be in effect for several weeks until problem is fixed. use mass transit or use hopkins place or fayette street as an alternate. we are following a very serious crash up in baltimore county. it's in phoenix and it has shut down old york road at paper mill road. police did confirm one person was pronounced dead at the scene and another person taken to sinai with life-threatening injuries. if you are traveling in the area, use matter road or jarrettsville pike. looking live at the harrisburg expressway, nothing
will let you know what roads it continues to shut down coming up on good morning maryland. ahh, now that's a clean mouth. i wish i could keep it this way. [ dr. rahmany ] you see, even after a dental cleaning... plaque quickly starts to grow back. but new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste can help. it not only reduces plaque... it's also clinically proven... to help keep plaque from coming back. plus, it works in these other areas dentists check most. ♪ new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. life opens up when you do. for extra plaque protection try new crest pro-health clinical rinse. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. is non-stop to seattle? just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recommend most by name. preparation h totables. the anywhere preparation h. >>> now "good morning maryland." >> we make mill -- he is making millions but tiger
resistant vepses are our -- vests are our police officers. >> maryland lieutenant governor anthony brown will join us later live in the newscast to talk more about gun control issues. >>> we are under a code yellow alert. that means we could be in for some tough weather later today. howard bernstein, he has the details. howard, what should we expect? >> we could be seeing some strong thunderstorms in spots. other areas are seeing showers. it looks like the worst of it will stay well west of us. you may be reading stuff online and people saying another derecho. if there is one, it will be well west of us. i'm watching this area in kentucky. it may get into parts of virginia and southwest virginia but i think this would be the most damaging stuff. locally we're watching a severe thunderstorm. they've put a tornado warning out on it. this is in mineral -- when i say they, the national weather service. watching the storm which is now coming through kaiser headed toward romney. this is doppler indicated. storms got some rotation but i want you to take this seriously. again till 12:30 for gran
neighborhood. now it's complete coverage, it's wjz maryland's news station. >> in the dark storms strike leaving maryland a mess. tonight the clock is ticking on restoration efforts as summer sizzles. >> we have complete coverage of the aftermath. thanks for joining us. dozens of schools will be closed tomorrow. we're running a list of them. friday night's storms swirled in fast killing two unsuspected marylanders. a woman was killed when this huge oak tree slammed right into her bedroom. a man also died as a tree crashed on top of his car. massive trees are down all across the mid-atlantic. this is a huge oak that tumbled on a car. huge oak that tumbled >>> golf fans were allowed back at the country club today but yesterday the spectators were banned. wjz is live with extensive coverage and our meteorologist is tracking another storm moving in now. let's check with eric and he's live with the latest on widespread power outages. >> are they making headway tonight? >> reporter: they are. we're in a neighborhood now still in the dark. you can see this big tree back here and power lines dow
with more. >> reporter: well, we have learned three people in maryland have died from the hot temperatures. state health department says a man in montgomery and wicomico county and baltimore county have died. it's the first three heat related deaths in the state. 34 people died last year in maryland. high temperatures are expected to continue through the week. local health departments warn people to be careful because hot weather and humidity can cause heat stroke and heat exhaustion. if you are without power right now, you can take advantage of the cooling centers in baltimore city and surrounding counties. these centers will be opened from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. a each will have cool air and free water and we are still under a code red heat alert through today. and health official recommend you remember to dry water and juice and avoid alcohol and caffeine and wear light clothing during the extreme heat. remember to check on those senior citizens. and you can log onto the website at abc to us -- and we have a list of the cooling centers and we have the addresss also if you need to
are doing in the maryland school assessment, after state leaders produced some very important test results today. if your kids have been trying harder in reading and math, that's a little bit of a reason to be happy tonight. when it comes to elementary school children, they're doing better in reading and showing a slight improvement. the same can be said for math proficiency levels. but the maryland state superintendent says there is hardly a reason to celebrate. >> there is nothing in these results to suggest to us that we have opportunities to sit back and relax. we have areas of needed improvement. >> now, when it comes to middle school students, there are some good and bad results. middle school students dropped nearly 1.5% in reading but did better in math. >>> baltimore city leaders reacted to the news this morning of the test results. the city school district didn't see much change from last year. they actually saw a drop in reading with 67% of students performing at proficient or advanced levels, which was a drop of about 2% than last year. >> you know, most of the schools met thei
>>> you're watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." >>> breaking news on your friday. an apartment fire in randallstown early this morning. while you slept. a look at the damage caused in a live report. >>> will taxpayers have to foot the bill for another special section when the governor is expected to make the final decision. and looking to eat out for less? the deals you can find getting ready for baltimore's restaurant week. we will take you there also with a live report from linda so. all that is straight ahead on this friday, but first a. look at what was last night storms rolling true our -- through our area. this video out of east baltimore. look at this. it's coming down in buckets. and at one point 5500 people they were in the dark. that number is now down to 760. so much more coming up on this friday, good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. mike masco is in with a check of the traffic. he is on the road and you are on the weather. a lot going on but we need more. >> yes. that's the key word and it's been key for a while now. a
a minute. first, late-breaking developments in the maryland shooting plot. a man threatened to shoot up his former workplace. this is particularly unsettling, especily coming off the massacre inside the colorado movie theater. >> he was arrested after a two- day investigation. police say he called his work supervisor and threatened to go on a shooting spree. dozens of firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition all taken from neil press got's home in crofton. >> if you call anybody and threatened to do harm, kill people, we are going to believe you. and we did. >> the investigation started with a phone call that press got made to his supervisor. -- prescott made it to his supervisor. >> he said he was a joker and he was going to blow everyone up. >> he repeated the threats several top -- separate times. >> he knew he -- he knew was not a good idea to be saying these things, but he was saying them anyway. >> police say he was wearing a t-shirt that said, "guns do not kill people, i do." >> it is important for the community to know that we take all threats seriously. if you're going to mak
. >>> make news in america. >> and what works for you "good morning maryland at 4:30. >> breaking news this morning out of randalltown. people in a apartment complex now without a home today. firefighters responding to a two alarm fire overnight. >>> all bets on. gambling could be expanding in maryland. how elected leaders say it could help your children receive a better education. time to wine and dine. dozens of eateries picking up the best dishes for the upcoming baltimore restaurant week a live report later on this friday. and it's july, 27th the first check of lightning and storms from the big apple in new york. it may have seen similar action like. this looks at bolts of lightning an amazing display in new york. lightning rain and high wind across the mid atlantic and lowser to home this is what we saw -- closer to home this is what we saw. the video at the height of the storm about 6,000 people were left in the dark but as we start this morning those numbers are dwindling. i am charley crowson. megan is off today but lynette charms is here and mike masco has tie-ups. >> reporter
, and anne arundel counties to conserve water to coincide with city repairs. this year's new maryland school assessment scores are in, and they show improvement at elementary schools. reading efficiency is 88.2% this year. for information on all of this year's assessments course, had to our web site and click on educatio"education alert." embattled anne arundel county executive john leopold will stand trial could a judge denied a request to dismiss the case. he's accused of using security detail to facilitate dramatic encounters with an employee and using police to gather information about political opponents. a jury trial will begin september 4. there will be no trial for defense of the st. patrick's day attack of a tourist in downtown baltimore. all four suspects have pled guilty, according to the attorney for suspect aaron parsons. parsons, who allegedly threw the punch that knocked out the victim, was sentenced to a year in prison. deangelo carterand shayona davis pled guilty to assault charges but will be released on time served. shatia baldwin will be sentenced in december. investigato
next half hour.megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3 the self described maryland "joker".. has yet to be charged this morning... even though police say neil prescott threatened to kill as many people as possible.. and had the weapons to do it. police found dozens of weapons inside neil prescott's crofton apartment last week. prescott became a person of interest after he phoned in threats at his former workplace.right now.. prescott is currently undergoing a mental health evaluation... at a hospital. &plegal experts ssy charges hav not been filed because the government is being careful. 34:04 to make sure they bring the right charges and most provable charges. the last thing you want to do is bring charges and not have it stick in a case like this. so i think the prosecutor is working closely with the police both at the state and federal level to decide what charges are appropriate what they can prove and it's not a that clear in a case like this 3 :23police say during prescott's phoned- in threats he described his plan in gory detail.but until more is known about prescotts mind
continue their efforts. >> in the district of columbia, and in motion -- most of the washington/maryland suburbs, to put it mildly, pepco is not popular tonight on street by margaret drive. it is miserable on margaret drive into, park, maryland. the tree that tore down wires on friday have not been touched. some homes got power back, then lost it. and the pets are sweltering in this home. >> i'm definitely worried about my cats. heat is not good for any animal. a lot of them are suffering. i am even more worried about myself. >> maggie blacked out on friday and got powers -- power from neighbors until there is one of again. she is furious at the power company. >> i have called pepco every day to report my situation, the downed tree across -- around the corner, and the wires across the street. every time i call them they act as its is the first time they've heard this information. >> we know there are things that have to be changed. and we're working through them as best we can. >> power companies in the mid- atlantic tend to bring in repair crews saias far away as florida. dangers remain
. back to you. >> thank you. our top stories, rumor has it maryland governor martin o'malley will call the general assembly back for another special session. this time, lawyers would discuss a proposal to increase the number of casinos in maryland from five to six adding one at the national harbor. o'malley is expected to announce his decision sometime later this morning. >>> d.c. officials are cutting the ribbon on the refurbished adams morgan district. it has cost $7 million and took 17 months but the project was noisy and disruptive for businesses in that corridor. some ended up applying for interest-free loans from the city. >>> u.s. park police are searching for a man accused of assaulting "woman last night. the man attacked her from behind, put her in a choke hold and caused her to pass out. when she woke up, she started screaming and the suspect ran away. >>> we know what time it is. it is almost football season. skins hit the practice field for day two of training camp. things got off to a rousing start. >> we have a look at the fan frenzy. >> the mechanics, see how it is in pe
killer and reused the dirty needle on patients. he is also worked in hospitals right here in maryland. according to the new documents,way he was fired after -- he was fired after a fellowemployee found her passed out. he turned in his license but went to work in filly. he couldn't be punished because there was no criminal charges and passed a drug test the next day. >> oftentimes, the folks are caught in a state or in a city and unfortunately, the right thing is not done. the right reporting is not done and the employees are fired or quits and moves on to the next place. >> reporter: he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. linda so, abc2 news. >>> it's 5:31. the supreme court will probably consider and may reverse the maryland case that blocked police from collecting dna samples from people arrested for certain crimes. chief justice roberts had temporarily blocked the ruling from going into effect. on monday, he wrote in a 4-page order that maryland would be allowed to continue dna collection until the court decides what to do with the case. the court is currently taking its s
to propose -- protest the proposed pay raise. >> high taxes driving the rich out of maryland? debate over a study that claims 31,000 wealthy residents have moved out because of tax rates. the report says higher tax across the state, 1.4 $7 billion in lost tax revenue. david collins joins us live in the studio and has details. >> for anti-tax legislators and others the study confirms what has been discussed anecdotally but others point out that while the numbers are legitimate, the study does not provide the reason why people moved out. rolen's rich taking flight. leading the state in droves. according to the group changed maryland, 31,000 residents have moved, taking with them $1.70 billion in tax revenues. republicans say the study validates what many have thought for years. >> marilyn's business climate has been in decline. the recent tax increases have not helped. >> the study looked at the migration of wealthy residents between 2007 and 2010, during the time the general assembly passed a millionaire tax that expired in 2010. they raised 10 other taxes and fees on various items. >> the
>>> coming up next, red july scorching temperatures make for dangerous conditions in maryland. we have come meet first warning weather coverage. it is warming up out there. tim william has more in the forecast. >> what does the maryland science center need with gun powder? it is the summer of irresponsible science. that's coming up. >>> good morning. welcome to eyewitness news sunday. tim williams is joining us with the weather forecast. >> it will be another hot day. we'll take you to doppler radar to give you an idea. we are poised to have thunderstorms rolling through the region. what we have north around harrisburg and redding is a system that is pushing through the region. we had one portion push through last night. another one pushing through today. the one that pushes through today will change the dynamoearning dynamic -- dynamic of the temperatures. we are dealing with temperatures around 85 at bwi marshall. dew point 70. another humid start to the day. it feel like 90 degrees after you factor in the dew point and heat. as a result national weather service issued a heat a
are working together to restore power to maryland and they say they are up for the challenge. as the sun started to rise on a hazy tuesday morning, thousands of eager utility workers set out for another day of work, trying to restore power to maryland residents who have been living in the dark since last friday's severe storm. >> i am excited to be here. >> utility workers came from all over the country, even as far north as canada, assisting bge crews since last week and through a mutual assistance network. this worker from the southern california hit the ground running as soon as he arrived. >> i was here by 7:00 a.m. sunday morning, working by 7:45 sunday morning. >> each day, crews are bussed into two staging sites, one in baltimore county, the other here at the airport. they me for their daily briefing and then go to the work location, putting in long hours under the blistering sun. >> they are working 16 hours a day, putting up a service bowles, restriping wire, and we lifts out there. >> they are making significant progress each day, working as quickly as possible, but stressed th
's apartment. >> one of the victims, a university of maryland student shot four times. >> she's not really even supposed to be alive. >> tonight, her incredible story of survival. >>> hello, everyone, i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise coken. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> new details about colorado shooter james holmes and his booby trapped apartment. deputies say it was calculating and deliberate. >> reporter: designed to kill. that's how authorities described james holm's aurora, colorado apartment. police responded there after taking him into custody when he gunned down dozens inside a colorado movie theater, killing 12. what they found was a booby trapped disaster, waiting to happen. >> this would be one of the first times we have seen, what we can describe as a house bomb in the united states. some of these things do exist overseas. >> reporter: according to a law enforcement official who watched recordings from inside the apartment, the space was rigged with more than 30 homemade grenades, and 10 gallons of gasoline. it was all carefully orchestrated to maximize the strength
-health clinical rinse. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> around the nation this morning, several people were hurt on tuesday in new hampshire because of the fireworks that went off on a back deck of the home. house was filled with smoke when crews arrived. 30 people were in the home. 9 people including 3 kin were taken to the hospital. neighbors say the owner of the home put on a large fireworks displayy year. >>> a tv helicopter spotted this story of a dog running along the shoulder of a chicago interstate. they ran down the expressway and got off on an exit and ran into a neighborhood what resident was able to grab the pooch. now, the microchip in the dog showed he was from a mill in iowa. aside from dehydration and exhaustion, it is in good health. >>> traffic officials are warning watch your speeds and stops on roadways today. >> the research released about 4th of july the red light running what you need to know coming up next. >>> also coming up a. live look outside and in minutes we will try to figure out what he onhand for the fireworks and we are going out back with a live demonstrat
morning maryland." >> good tuesday morning thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley is out live. we have a lot going on. sherrie johnson is is going to tell butts heat -- is going to tell us about the heat wave and charley crowson with the story of how neighbors are helping with power outages. and we have your timesaver traffic if you are heading out of town. we will start things off with meteorologist mike masco and the story today the weather. >> yeah. the weather has been the big story for the last several days. we will look outside. beautiful shot looking downtown. we have the sun coming up towards the east. and usually it comes up from the east and will set from the south later tonight. 68 downtown. right now calm winds and look at the barometric pressure nice and steady. that will start to lower some as we head into tonight and that could trigger showers. storms 68 in town. 78 towards dc eastern shore numbers into the 60s a very beautiful morning. and look at humidity values or dew points what measures humidity on dryer side. 60 degree dew points is a bearable number. we w
. we will start in mount airy dark gloomy there this morning. let's go over to maryland's most powerful radar and confirm the rain that has been falling from baltimore city all the way down towards dundalk. seeing steady heavy rain. 695 towards white marsh a good downpour rain. a 73 degree reading right now in the city limits. 76 down towards dc. and look at york at 73 degrees. so we are starting to see cooler temperatures coming in. the dew point values that measures the amount of moisture coming down considerably in york. now down to 61. so we will talk lower humidity and going for 87 later today. another check on the forecast coming up in less than 10. lauren cook has a check on traffic. how we doing. >> reporter: well, we are dealing with several accidents across the region. trouble out in frederick where an accident is blocking two eastbound lanes of interstate 70. that's at woodbine road. you can stick with route 1 # 4 as an alternate. more problems in howard county where the traffic lights are out. there's an accident in baltimore city in canton on highland avenue at eastern aven
up at 5 here on good morning maryland, a proposal gone all wrong. a montana man comes up with the pecks text way to ask his girlfriend to mary him but she messes it up. it was -- perfect way to ask his girlfriend to marry him but she mess it up. why so many of us will not give up our time in front of the tv even after hours inside a car. time for a check of the forecast with lynette. >> all right. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. but we have a chance for some showers to move in here. i will tell you when that happens. that's coming so stay around. wççÑçÑ >>> there are multiple devies to keep your child from being locked -- devices to keep your child from being locked in a hot car but they are not very reliable when used on their own. experts suggest that you always check the front and back of the car before looking and walking away and teach your kids that the car is not a play area. >>> opening arguments again in the bid bitter ongoing batter between appel and sam sunning -- apple and samsung. in response samsung claims apple is trying to stifle competition an
you when "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday, july 19th. >>> here's some stores for "good morning maryland" -- stories for "good morning maryland" at 5:00. ever had trouble getting your kids to brush their teeth? now unique video teaching kids about the importance of teaching the whites pearly white. also tea made you a promise but apparently didn't deliver. the amount capital one is now paying back for credit card products customers simply couldn't use. >>> plus, a picture posted online is a prank. now going viral. how this photo ended up costing three fast food workers their jobs. those stories coming up in just minutes. >>> all right, the kids are not thinking about going back to school but you may want to so you can save some money. back to school shopping will cost you about $700 per kid. trust me. i did addable take when i heard this. now most of that is spent on clothes but parents also going to shell out dough on electronics and school supplies and for about $85 more than parents spent last night. >> when you think about how much people are spending, a lo
. details coming up when "good morning maryland" continues with what's new now and next to get your workweek started off right. >>> the heat and humidity are about to break along the east coast. the toll the high temperatures took in maryland and mike's updated forecast coming u. will you -- coming up. -- coming up. will you have internet access and the newest craze sweeping the big apple and getting adults off the couch. what you will find when you visit one of the adult playgrounds. the soreies all new at 5. >> it's 4:57. health news this morning. millions of children went to bed -- wet the bed and some into their teens acord together cleveland clinic it -- according to the cleveland clinic it might be genetic. there's no clear-cut reason but one theory is the brain is not getting a signal from the blader that it needs to be empty. the doctor says an effect he have way to train the brain is set up an alarm system. >> we have a pad on the bed or a lining inside the undergarments and when the liner is wet, when the liner hits moisture, an alarm will go off. >> the doctor says it can be silen
of the day. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now and it should stay mainly dry as we go through time. i'm not going to rule out a chance for an isolated shower to pop up in the forecast. this is what it looks like hour by hour. 90 degrees is what i'm going with. a check of the abc 2 time saver traffic with lauren cook. you were talking about an accident. >>reporter: yeah, it's in baltimore county at windsor mill at old court road at carlston lane. congestion is starting to pick up on many of the main lines, especially the west side of the beltway. as we take a live look at old court road. you'll notice the outer loop starting to jam up a little bit. overall you're looking at a 13- minute ride from 795 down towards 95. the inner loop will be nice and clear up towards 83. traveling on the jfx, if you are use thag to get into the city, it's going to take you 11 minutes to travel from the beltway all the way downtown to east fayette street. no concerns this morning on the northeast corridor of 95. traveling southbound from route 43 all the way to the beltway, you're looking at a fo
>> words of comfort after a tragedy in colorado. >> maryland's lieutenant governor is speaking out against gun control laws after the colorado massacre. >> the u.s. transportation secretary will talk about a major refunding announcement for local public transit lines. >> expect it to be warmer when you step outside. the forecast as we continue. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> heading back into the 90's today? >> we were in the 60's on saturday. we will be back up to 90 today. 72 degrees right now. the humidity is a bigger story. 97%, and it feels tropical. some scattered thunderstorms could pop up later today. we will check the seven-day forecast going all the way into the weekend. here is sarah. ." >> good morning. we have closures in the city on light street between baltimore and lombard. we check air speed sensor on 95, at 62
at that location. forensic tests are now being conducted. we could find out later today if maryland lawmakers will return to annapolis for a special session on maryland gambling. house speaker michael busch tells the i-team that the governor is likely to call that session early next month. >> i believe the the governor has made that determination to go forward -- i believe that the governor has made that determination to go forward. he believes the votes are there to pass legislation. >> under consideration is constructing a casino in prince george's county and providing tax relief to existing casinos. the target date is august 8. governor o'malley hands down an executive order, demanding the renovation of the and tighter utility infrastructure system. several government agencies will come together to look for ways to improve and strengthen the system. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with john collins. >> so far this morning and here in the first few minutes of the afternoon, we have had some interesting whether developing. then overnight storm complex developing overnight -- an o
is forcing many states to revisit their gun control laws. the rules to get a permit in maryland are about to change. the judge has given state officials two weeks to comply with the march ruling that removes maryland's current requirements that approved applicants show good and substantial reason to have one. the federal judge ruled it infringes on the second amendment, the right to bear arms. lt. governor anthony brown said tragedies like the one in colorado should prompt a fresh look at some laws, and he defended the current criteria. >> applying standards like good and substantial will help prevent bad actors from owning and possessing guns. >> the attorney general's office is appealing the ruling and may ask a federal judge to delay the change until a case is decided. >> now, your 11 insta-weather plus forecast. >> it has been a beautiful day. a cold front last night. the wind shifted to the north. the dew point drop below 50's. 82 degrees currently at the airport. the wind shifting around a little bit at 5 miles per hour. humidity, only 35%. today, mostly sunny skies. a warm day, but
c and while working as a nurse. the suspect worked in several states and at four maryland hospitals before moving to new england. steven is that one of those facilities. >> prosecutors in new hampshire have extended the pool of potential victims to thousands of people in eight states. they're getting ready to send out hundreds of letters to former patients telling them to get blood tests immediately. >> at southern maryland hospital, the word the suspected serial hepatitis c in factor work here. that stunned some patients. >> it that is scary. it is a terrible thing. >> and david kulikowski is accused of deliberately exposing people to the virus. at least some former patients contracted hepatitis c. >> he reportedly worked in maryland hospitals from 2008-10. at southern maryland hospital he was assigned to the cardiac unit. >> yeley worked in the catheter labs and vascular lab. we have looked at every patient in that timeframe. >> that we worked at maryland -- though he was only in maryland for just three months, they have gone through their patient roster. >> we want to air on the
the maryland lottery is on fire. the fiscal year brought in 1.8 bhldz and it continues climbing -- billion dollars and it continues climbing and sees 5- 7% growth even during bad economic times. >> you have got two different kinds of players, casino, lottery, there is not a lot of crossover or if they do both, they kind of, they budget their money. they spend on the lottery, a little bit on the casino. >> the mailed lottery play as role in the expansion of casinos, task is making sure everything runs smoothly to enjoy the games. you could be a contestant on a new game show if you live in harford county. it's called let's ask america. you will compete against people from all over the u.s. answering questions for cash. [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world. is non-stop to seattle? just carry preparation h totables. discreet, little tubes packed with big relief. from the brand doctors recomme
2 news. >>> maryland has been waging a war for years against distracted driving, in october 2012 a bill was signed making it illegal for drivers to use happened held cell phones while driving. it was a secondary offense at that time meaning drivers couldn't be pulled over just for using their phone. in october of last year changes were made taking the law one step farther. it's considered a primary offense, drivers can be pulled over if police see them reading or writing or sending a text message behind the wheel. in many cases citations are too late. distracted driving are responsible for 257 death as year in maryland, 30,000 people are injured in crashes involving distracted driving. the three maryland counties with the most are harford, frederick and arundel counties. >>> police are not sure whether distracted driving was involved, this was a deadly week for teen drivers on the roads. monday night aleck, a 17 year old student died in a car crash in owings mills, on the way home from swim practice when he hit a tree on green spring avenue. a howard county teen is dead and three
that hit maryland, two people are dead and hundreds of thousands more are still without power. sky chopper 13 is over towson. crews have work left to do on the ground. the effects of the hurricane force winds that came through here, hundreds of trees fell and broke power lines all around the state leaves hundreds of thousands of homes in the dark and without air-conditioning. the strong winds sent a couple of pine trees crashing the fence. wjz is live with extensive first weather warning coverage. we will be checking in with chopper 13 more in a moment. first mike hellgren is live with more. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. it's been frustrating for a lot of people. this is a block without power. you can see there's still a tree that blocks wadsw orth. you can see how powerful the storms were. it snapped this tree down. there are now 26,000 utility workers trying to get the power become on, some from canada and texas. >> hundreds of thousands of people are still without power after the fierce fast moving storm to through maryland friday night. >> it's just one of those things.
in with the weather and lynette charles, doing light reading herself. >> maryland's most powerful radar is drying out. we saw showers this morning across harford county. those are gone. we have showers further to the south, st. mary's county, crossing over the bay. we will see that on the eastern shore. southern maryland in on wet weather, due to the fact we have a stationary front. kátk, more of the same th visibilid÷eyña little bit of patchy fog. we are picking up visibility én reduced along the eastern shore. îfive miles there, 6 salisbury. as we look at winchester, 3 miles of visibility there and 3 culpepper. stepping out the door, be prepared, patchy fog out there. through time, things will improve. i will tell you when we will heat up. now a check of traffic with loren cook. >>> there is a house fire going on now in east baltimore, shuts down north lenwood and fayette. one person has been hospitalized with smoke inhalation. they are expected to be okay. if you are using 95, here is what it looks like in to the city, 395, no delays whatsoever. that's the case if you are traveling southbound
a little bit of a break. had showers and storms in western and northern maryland. those clouds around this morning have limited the rise to slow it down at least in northern sections. but down south, still very, very hot already. low 90s fredricksburg, tappahannock. we're trying to catch up. 88 at national. gaithersburg and hagerstown only in the low 80s at this hour. they may struggle to get into the 90s in the far northern sections. however, we still have a heat veriry. that's -- heat advisory. that's one problem. there are pretty strong thunderstorms expected off to the north, ohio, pennsylvania, maybe western and northern maryland if they can slip down south of the mason-dixon line. you notice the orange area to the north. that's the moderate risk area for severe weather. could be big time problems with damaging wind gusts, hail, maybe isolated tornadoes from southern ohio, parts of connecticut and the new york region. they have a better chance north into pennsylvania than we do here. but just want to tell you folks up north, keep an eye on the sky late this afternoon and this eve
a partnership and highlighting some of the milestones reached so far. maryland has more -- 25 of the states west water treatment plants have been upgraded to prevent nitrogen runoff. >>> and now, some have paid a price for efforts to clean the bay. in annapolis this afternoon, they protested additional pollution controls that threatened to put them out of business. jeff joins us now with more on some of these proposed changes. >> reporter: kelly, opponents of the regulations say the governor and department of agriculture have simply caved in to environmentalists and are putting an undue burden on farmers. he's been up since 2:30 in the morning. he was running his small dairy farm here in baltimore county. after all, he has no choice. >> it's harder and harder to compete. the prices are declining. all our other inputs, energy costs, are all increasing. feed costs are going up. and so it's been harder. >> reporter: new regulations designed to clean up the chesapeake bay may might his job evennen tougher. >> one farmer got an estimate that it would cost up to $100,000 just to add 12 inches to his m
offices are making 18% less than the median across the state of maryland. we are in a pension fight with the mayor we think she didn't have to go to because it's not going to save her money up front but created a morale problem. >> reporter: union leaders say morale suffered in the terms of a towing scandal that implicated 40 officers and new orleans and dealing with the corrupted department they recommended changes in recruiting new officers. the plan calls for recruits to have two years of college, or two years of military service. with a focus on returning veterans from iraq and afghanistan. rather than wait the outline the plan for a commissioner, the fop hopes the search committee uses it to help assess candidates for the job. >> our fop is going to remain engaged with the community, with the city hall and with our police commissioner. we do that because we are not just going to be fighting for salary and benefits. it's more than that. >>> now to a developing story this evening a community in baltimore county is grieving the death of a 17-year-old student killed in a crash this
on wjz eyewitness news, record breaking hit. the hottest day of the year sizzling maryland. when can we expect the cooldown? plus, houses are battling boiling temperatures without power. the latest on the restoration efforts. and. >> creating a habitat that not only oysters can enjoy. i am tim williams with more on the new project underway ,,,,,, >>> maryland is melting. record temperatures are scorching the state. tonight how to cope and when will this heat wave snap? >> good evening. i am gigi barnett. adam has the day off. the intense heat isn't keeping everyone inside, but those wjz found out and about braving the temperatures seem to be enjoying any shade they can find. for some the heat is no excuse to flack off from work. we found these guys working high on this billboard. monique has the latest on the growing health concerns this heat is creating. let's begin with meteorologist bernadette woods who is tracking this excessive heat warning. hey, bern. >> yes, it is hot as we all know. we will show you some of the numbers. heat warning in effect to 10:00 tonight to all the bright p
>>> now "good morning maryland." >> a dog is left for dead in a trash can in baltimore. how he was found and the latest on his recovery. [audio not understandable] >> he's black male. >> new details in the shooting death of a florida teen trayvon martin. what evidence has been released and you will hear more from the 911 call george zimmerman made moments before the shooting.>> fighting back against bullying in schools and online. more on tonight's event hosted by ray rice. >>> all that is straight ahead on this friday. it's friday the 13th. hope you are not too superstition. good morning. >> thanks for joining us. lauren cook has a check on traffic and lynette with weather. it was so nice out yesterday. >> it was. it was amazing out there. did you enjoy? >> absolutely. >> it's my -- it's my convertible top down. >> that's the way to do it. she knows how to rock. let's show you what's going on. maryland's most powerful radar is dry across here but we can see back off towards the west around wind chest erin further into west virginia and virginia we are starting to deal with a f
. >>> you're watching the station that works for you good morning maryland at 4:30. >>> it's the july 4th holiday but the work doesn't stop for bge. they are keeping their eye on storms headed our way tonight. what it could do to get everybody back online. >> a mixture of hot temperatures and no power creating huge lines across the east. >> celebrating the 4th of july. retail stores celebrate a different time of year. the kid are spending. details on that but happy 4th of july and thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson mike masco is in for lynette charles. it could be wet later. >> it could be. we could see a few storms but i think as we head towards latterportion of the evening and tonight things will calm down. 78 in town. west northwest wind at 7 and that has been picking up due in part to storms to the north. a few of them are moving into tawnytown and it will cross into westminster. no lightning being detected on maryland's most powerful radar. swinging towards the north, there's a banned of be -- band of steady rains on the pennsylvania sid
of a new study. the study claims that thousands of wealthy marylanders have moved out of the state because of a tax hike. is that really the reason? david collins takes a closer look. >> marylanders ridge taking flight, leaving the state in droves. according to the group change maryland, 31,000 residents have moved, taking with them $1.70 billion in tax revenue. some said the group's study validates what many have said for years. >> the recent tax increases have not helped. >> the study looked at the migration of wealthy residents between 2007 and 2010. that is during a time when the general assembly passed a millionaire's tax, which expired in 2010. >> we need to reverse course with regard to our tax policies, that maryland should not be a high tax state, but is having a detrimental impact requested governor this gives the findings. the press office said millionaire households actually increased by 19% since the took office in 2006. some charge the study is incomplete because it does not cite specific reasons why people left. >> the report does not present any evidence at all about tax .o
now have to do with heat. we have the heat advisory through out maryland's 95 corridor. once you get north of cecil county up towards wilmington, new york, long island, that's where the extensive heat warning is. knows we don't have -- notice we don't have any storm advisories at this time. here's first warning doppler weather radar. we have a clear scan around maryland. you start to widen up and go to north western pennsylvania and you can see we do have a cluster of storms right now coming off of lake ere ree. these may stay in tact and by act -- about 5 o'clock give us enough of a ripple that we could see some spotty thunderstorms in the areas. i'm not too concerned about fire works this evening being interrupted. between 5:00 and 8:30, just before 9:00, that's where we may see some scattered pop up thunderstorms. folks, it's july the 4th. we actually have some good news for you coming in our first warning weather segment. don, back to you. >> thank you very much. remember wjz 13 is always on for you for the latest forecast and your own live look at the doppler any time go to wjz.
maryland," i'm charlie crowson, megan is on assignment this morning and we'll be checking in with her in a minute but for now a check of the very hot forecast. say hello once again. meteorologist mike masco. >> we're already starting out 80 degrees at bwi and humidity up at 56% and that wednesday ushering in again all the moisture from down to the south. 80 in town right now. look at the eastern shore numbers into the 80s. that's a very, very sticky start and we're going to be talking about the heat indices rising through the course of the afternoon. heat advisory for much of the 95 corridor as the daytime highs returning around 98 degrees will feel like it's between 100 to 105. 98 again real feel numbers will be into the triple digits. there's a chance for some showers and storms by tonight and we'll talk about that coming up in just a little bit. now a check of the abc2 timesaver traffic this morning with a very quiet start to your thursday morning. no major traffic incidents issues to talk about. and we do want to remind you again still self-traffic lights- out throughout the city
. >> paul wagner tonight. >>> after the storm and parts of maryland, the electricity is an inconvenience. imagine your home that runs off a well. one frederick family had to endure the five-mile trek to the potomac river to get water. beth parker has that story. >> reporter: now, when a tree falls in frederick county, maryland, they hear it. and they feel it, too. no electricity, ac, no television and, at this house, they have been filling up the toilet with these. you see where eric crabtree lives, they have a well that runs on electricity. >> we had to go to a river and fill up a bunch of jugs with water and you see we had several there, maybe two trips a day to keep water for the toilets to work. >> he has a collect? >> yeah, thank you. >> and that is embarrassing. everyone knows you're going to the bathroom because you have a few jugs of water with you. keeping the dogs cool and we have a big new finland and he gets hot real easy. we're concerned about him. >> reporter: they used to the heat, having just moved to maryland from texas. >> not as humid as it would be there. your clothes
: maryland has more than 200 private programs. all of them could be affected by the sanctions imposed by the ncaa on penn state. >> penn state had feelers out this far. >> reporter: he is the athletic director. he has more than 30 years of coaching experience in anne arundel county. he sees the decision on players. >> it's take an player out of the game. >> reporter: with the options of penn state looking less appealing, there could be an impact on the university of maryland program. >> hopefully maryland who be in aings to jump on that. many of the kids who thought about leaving can now stay here and be provided with, obviously, a quality education. >> reporter: seeing all the desists that penn state has gone through reminds ken of how much impact the educators and at let tech department have on the students. >> the adults or entrusted with the care of young peernlings obviously, the coaches, myself, teachers, administrators, i mean it's our responsibility, and with that responsibility, some very, very -- a very, very serious duty. >> reporter: people aren't sure what the ramificatio
. it is unclear who pulled the trigger. >>> the death toll rises to 31 from maryland's string of hot weather this summer. today, people are packing into local pools as we deal with more high temperatures and the humidity. many people are taking cover from the sun when they do venture outside, emergency cooling centers are open in several counties. and we are also tracking the chance for more storms tonight as we take a live look outside. bob is tracking our temperatures and first warning live doppler radar. bob? >> take a look at radar. right now, it's quiet in that region. but that might change later tonight. still have a warm and humid air mass to our north, as a batch of showers and storms across pennsylvania that will miss us, is moving off to the east. another batch across virginia, also moving off to the east. that may impact extreme southern maryland. don't expect it to get to baltimore. but out to the west, another line here, north of pittsburgh, to about wheeling, west virginia. that may get to us later tonight. so there is a risk of some shower and thunderstorm activity in the regi
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